2- Kindergarten Training For Retrievers

Three Levels of Volume

There are three levels of volume necessary for your training vocabulary. Keep in mind; you need to be sensitive to the temperament and disposition of your retriever. Volume and tone must be appropriate for the retriever’s age and ability to understand. Your voice is to command, not to be mistaken as a reprimand. First Level […]

The "Two Second Rule"

The Two Second Rule is by far the most important psychological training tool at your disposal, and it is VERY important that you understand its purpose. Each of your retriever training lessons are made up of an assorted collection of pre-planned training Segments that collectively make up ether a TEN minute, or TWENTY minute Training […]

Determining Quick & Deliberate Motion From Your Retriever

The word “quickly” is a relative term in the dog training industry, but it implies that your retriever moves to take the training bumper at a speed that you are comfortable with. Some retrievers move very fast to take the bumper while others may move considerably slower. My point is; you need to be comfortable […]